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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff

Welcome to netsperience 2.x

This is the personal web site of Randall Goya aka decibel.places

I develop, maintain, and extend web sites and web applications, mostly for Enterpise clients in publishing, media, education, marketing, and non-profit.

I build most of my projects with the Drupal content management framework. My profile on -- my Drupal Certified to Rock score is 4

My Facebook & Twitter & Foursquare & Google+ & LinkedIn & Github & IMDb

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You're probably wondering, "If this is netsperience 2.x, what happened to netsperience 1.0?" It was at GeoCities Free Hosting for over ten years, but now it's gone along with the rest of GeoCities - you can still view much of the old GeoCities site where I experimented with JavaScript and DHTML at ReoCities

Errors and Inconsistencies on LinkedIn

I have great respect for the pool of experts and talent who are members of LinkedIn.

However, I find the LinkedIn interface clumsy, cumbersome, and often, wrong.

Here is a collection of errors and inconsistencies from LinkedIn.

Still problems with Invitations count:

5 invitations listed as 2:

after accepting all 5, -3 invitations listed:

Consumer Product Test: Kinivo Speaker Falls Off Laptop Playing The Damned Neat Neat Neat

I really like these little speakers. I bought one for my wife, Arlene, then I bought one for myself and my other wife, Mario.

They get really LOUD

LeafIt - the next Rippln? (what is Rippln?)

I was invited to an unoffical Leafit community on Google+

Webster McN says:

#LeafIt is a game-changing #socialmedia platform and #App coming out of Beta Testing in about two weeks, if you are interested in getting in on the ground floor, please consider joining my team ...

Despite my rant on Google+ with dire warnings of ho-hum irrelevance and little promise of recouping the Associate fees, I joined at the FREE Affiliate Level. The Associate level costs $40/month and promises $100/month in advertising (whatever that means).

So follow my lead, join my (and Webster McN's) MLM empire, and we will all go laughing to the bank, the same way we already do without the imaginary riches we will earn together on Leafit!

Yeah, this guy looks like he needs a few extra dollars a month for razors yes

The introduction video by CEO Lawrence Sowell (please tell me he's not the same James Lawrence Sowell who was locked up in Texas for 8 years for AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14 - I think the CEO is a little too young to be the felon, he's probably just a colorful relative -- or advisor?) sounds like it was recorded in a cave, or one of those institutional settings rife with echoing sterile oubliettes - is this guy for real, or only a little bit crazy?

Maybe crazy like a fox, or at least a Latvian. The LeafIt About page lists its account nunber at Rietumu Banka, a Latvian bank suspected of money laundering and looting of billions of dollars from BTA Bank of Kazakhstan and Anglo Irish Bank of Ireland. Just the kind of information that helps make me confident that the whole operation is strictly on the up-and-up.

Sounds better all the time, doesn't it? My favorite kind of shady Internet operation cheeky 

Leafit makes Rippln seem like such a clean scam... Well, if I don't get rich or taken to the cleaners - or shot - by Latvians, I guess I can always "leafit"

I Was Mentored in Drupal by "dumbluck"

The Drupal community web site has a profile field to list "My mentors"

For example, on my profile I say I was mentored by:
  • robbiethegeek - how to appreciate Drupal awesomeness and its limitations
  • Alex UA - how to run a business providing Drupal services
  • forestmars - how to be involved in the Drupal community
  • smerrill - how to be an engineer with platform tools like Jenkins, Vagrant, Redis
  • snugug - how to make web sites responsive
  • ericduran - how to experiment with new doodads like HTML5, Android
  • zroger - how to use Drupal hooks and APIs in code

I started thinking about my dumb luck picking Drupal as a tool about 9 years ago. I was looking for a Content Management System that made sense.

I was awfully interested in a project called PAWS (PHP Automatic Web Site) -- and it's a good thing I didn't ride that horse, which was long ago put out to pasture.

A client asked me to convert his static PHP site so that he could manage the content in the include files without editing code. I built my first Drupal 4.x site, with the crazy hack of creating a node for every include, and then printing the includes/nodes inside a main node (Panels, sort of, which did not exist in Drupal then). I also customized the front end of the TinyMCE wysiwyg editor to add buttons to apply his brand's pink and blue colors. The client smoked a lot of pot, drifted away, came back a year or two later for more work -- without a database. Oh well, not the first - or last - time the db was lost by a client.

That experience convinced me that a lot could be done with Drupal that I had not been able to do without a lot of custom coding just to build the base web application. Other projects with early versions of WordPress and Mambo (predecessor to Joomla) left me unimpressed with their extensibility. I have often said since then that "WordPress is like the smaller sibling of Drupal, but Joomla is the evil cousin."

Then Earl Miles conjured up his merlinofchaos wizardry for Sony Music, creating Views and Panels and Ctools, and that was around the time that a lot of developers took notice of Drupal. I was profoundly convinced that Drupal had outgrown being a CMS enabling writers to (more or less) easily edit content without (much) coding, and had become a Content Management Framework that could perform elegant and dynamic manipulations of the content in its database.

So I had to add dumbluck to my mentors - not just for my early experiment hacking the node system, but for each solution that I was able to implement afterwards, because my choice of Drupal provided me with an extensible framework allowing complex algorithms for presentation of content, and the Drupal project improves with every contributor's enhancements.

I think I'm dumb, maybe just happy

I noticed in preparing this post that some Drupal user profiles are accessible by username, eg. and, while others, like merlinofchaos and smerrill, are only accessible by their UIDs and respectively.

Site Launch: FINclusion Lab Beta

We have launched FINclusion Lab Beta

a new Drupal 7 site by MIX (Microfinance Information Exchange)

FINclusion Lab provides visual analytic tools to interpret the "proliferation of data in the field of financial inclusion" by aggregating data in Tableau dashboards and Mapbox maps.

The platform "provides financial service providers, policy makers, regulators, and other development professionals the opportunity to identify problems and devise solutions for increasing financial inclusion in their countries through interactive data tools and visualizations."

The FINclusion Lab team has worked over the past two years to gather data on supply and demand for financial services at the sub-national level for a growing number of countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

FINclusion Lab Beta

We are using the Drupal Tableau module, sponsored by MIX, to display Tableau data visualization dashboards via Drupal Views.

Other MIX sites with free and premium data about microfinance:

MIX Market and MIX Market Reports

coming soon: translations in French, Spanish and Russian using the Drupal i18n  module for localization.

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