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Spades MeetUp / 34,187 Thumbnails

I went to a MeetUp to play spades today in NYC at a Cosi on 7th Avenue.

I was at MeetUp's corporate office near Houston Street a couple of years ago for a usability study - they paid me $$ AND gave me cold pizza.

This morning I decided to install the thumbnail images on the test site for - there are 34,187 of them. (that's a lot of butts...)

I have had to download and upload them in chunks. I am using my ftp client (SmartFTP) and I am using IE/Windows Explorer ftp as well at the same time.

Valmor the innocent cat

I found this avatar on Jango -- a site that combines (optional) social networking with personalized internet radio stations. Like but better (and did you notice the Juke Box I created there and put on my site?

It reminds me of Bucky B. Katt in Get Fuzzy



I'm a Guru!


I got an email about "free" business cards, so I went to the Vista Print website and designed my own card, ordered 250 with the custom design and a t-shirt with my design, too. Oh yeah, and return address labels with my theme.

It all cost about $27 including the shipping and it arrived in 3 or 4 days.

I get about one email a day from them, it's amazing the products they try to sell me - like window decals with my design - but you can opt out of the emails. They actually create some very interesting promotional graphics.


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