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Yiddish Humor Detected by Mailer Daemon

The Quality Control dept has identified that an email you sent may contain inappropriate language according to our policy rules:

  Date:                Thu, 1 Mar 2012 12:15:15 -0800 (PST)
  Subject:            Fw: Kosher computers
  Rule:                15044 Inappropriate Slang

The offending email (I suspect #15 tripped the rule)

kosher computer

I don't know if you know this, but you can now purchase Kosher computers! They are made in Israel by a company called DELL-SHALOM. The price is so low... even with the shipping from Israel! However, before you purchase a kosher computer of your own, you should know that there are some important changes from the typical non-kosher computer you are used to, such as:

1) The 'Start' button has been replaced with a 'Let's go! I'm not getting any younger!' button.
2) You hear 'Hava Nagila' during startup.
3) The cursor moves from right to left.
4) When Spell-checker finds an error it prompts, 'Is this the best you can do?'
5) When you look at erotic images, your computer says, 'If your mother knew you did this, she would die.'
6) It comes with a 'monitor cleaning solution' from Manischewitz that gets rid of all the 'schmutz und drek.'
7) When running 'Scan Disk' it prompts you with a 'You want I should fix this?' message.
8) After 20 minutes of no activity, your PC goes, 'Schloffen.'
9) The PC shuts down automatically at sundown on Friday evenings.
10) It comes with two hard drives - one for fleyshedik (business software) and one for milchedik (games).
11) Instead of getting a 'General Protection Fault' error, your PC now gets 'Ferklempt.'
12) The multimedia player has been renamed to 'Nu, so play my music already!'
13) When your PC is working too hard, you occasionally hear a loud 'Oy Gevalt!'
14) Computer viruses can now be cured with matzo ball soup.
15) When disconnecting external devices from the PC, you are instructed to 'Remove the cable from the PC's tuchus.'
16) After your computer dies, you have to dispose of it within 24 hours.
17) But best of all, if you have a kosher computer, you can't get SPAM...

Spring Sprang Today in February

Freakish weather, almost 60º F in February is NOT normal for NYC!

I even found some confused crocuses blooming in Jersey City:

crocuses blooming in Jersey City, NJ on February 22, 2012

In honor of the early Spring, I have enabled my "Spring" website background.

I'm Certified to Rock Drupal!

my Certified To Rock score is 4

According to Certified to Rock my Drupal score is 4

Explanation of Scores

Certified to Rock Explanation of Scores graphAnything 4 or higher is a really good score.

If you're a 5 or above then you're in the top 8% of the users in the system. Being a 5 or above means you are well above the 92nd percentile of all users.

If you're an 11, then you're Dries, or KarenS.


A Week Without Foursquare

Decibel Places Check-in History on foursquare

Last seen 6 days ago at: PathmarkSince I am working from home for now, I'm not going out as much. I decided to see what it would be like to go a week without a foursquare check-in.

I played the points game and I beat out all my other friends with weekly averages of 180+ - until I friended someone in my neighborhood who also commutes to New York. He averages over 300 points per week, I wonder how he gets anything else done between check-ins!

I was tempted to checkin when I visted my local haunts: Twin City Liquors, Food Bazaar, etc, and yesterday at the NJ Drupalcamp - but it was Day 7 - so I resisted.

I met someone at a NYC Drupal Happy Hour and the first thing he said is, "You're the one who is always checks in, I learn about new places from you."

Goodbye Spammers, Hello Old Friends

I have had forums on this site for a couple of years; nobody used them except spammers, although they had to register an account with an email to post there.

Today I decided to delete all those posts, and the forums, and disable the forum module, and block all the users I did not recognize. I automatically sent an email to the blocked accounts so they would have a chance to ask me to reactivate them before they were deleted in a couple of weeks:

We are removing spammers at netsperience 2.x
Your account on netsperience 2.x has been blocked.
Let us know if you are not a spammer and want us to reactivate
your account. After a while, we will delete all blocked accounts.

--  netsperience 2.x admin

If you have a Drupal site with forums enabled but you don't really use them, you may be surprised what a spam farm you are hosting!

I received this response from a blocked account, from someone who clearly did not remember registering:

eck i have no idea of what netexperince is!?????



VPS.NET Free Cloud Node via Drupalcon Chicago Stats via New Relic

Did you get one of the free cloud nodes at VPS.NET from DrupalCon Chicago last year?

I installed CentOS and Drupal but it's not a public site. I also added the free trial of the New Relic monitoring app to get the free RC copter promotion.

Today I installed New Relic's new server monitoring RPM, in about 3 minutes.

So just sitting there, it's using almost half of the CPU and more than half of the Memory...

But it's free! :P

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