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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Welcome to netsperience 2.x

This is the personal web site of Randall Goya aka decibel.places

I develop, maintain, and extend web sites and web applications, mostly for Enterpise clients in publishing, media, education, marketing, and non-profit.

I build most of my projects with the Drupal content management framework. My profile on -- my Drupal Certified to Rock score is 4

My Facebook & Twitter & Foursquare & Google+ & LinkedIn & Github & IMDb

View/Download my CV » more About Me » my portfolio » some tunes by me

You're probably wondering, "If this is netsperience 2.x, what happened to netsperience 1.0?" It was at GeoCities Free Hosting for over ten years, but now it's gone along with the rest of GeoCities - you can still view much of the old GeoCities site where I experimented with JavaScript and DHTML at ReoCities

GeoCities Closing on OCTOBER 26, 2009

From: Yahoo GeoCities | September 30, 2009

The venerable and oft-hated GeoCities will be closing soon. If you do not upgrade to Yahoo paid hosting ($4.99/mo) all your files will be deleted.

Read more at Yahoo GeoCities »

I've had a GeoCities Free account since 1997.

You cannot download your files with FTP - here is the best way to download them (one at a time) on a Windows computer:

1) Go to GeoCities Filemanager and right click on the file
2) Press the "k" key to open the download dialogue
3) Press the "enter" key to save (you may need to press it more than once)

I backed up all my files, about 15MB in about 2 hours.

BTW, I can offer cheaper hosting than Yahoo - beginning at $4/mo -

FOB (Fly Over Background) DHTML Scroller

This scroller/viewer is similar to one using MooTools. It scrolls both the semi-transparent content divs to designated targets AND the optional background image, using smooth scrolling. The javascript source for this is lightweight, about 125 lines of code (5.73 kb) compared with about 10,000 lines in the MooTools-core and MooTools-more libraries (237 kb).

Feel free to use it. Please retain the copyleft GPL license notice intact.

Download files


jsgenie Scripts Screenshot

jsgenie Scripts Screenshot

I tried out a lot of javascripts from libraries, and modded many with added features, better style, or just plain better function. I prefer to use off-the-shelf open source code as a starting point, it saves time (and saves money for my clients). However, I developed ideas for functions that weren't in any script libraries, so I had to cook them from scratch. I collected a few of these original and unusual javascript widgets, doodads, and apps at jsgenie Scripts.

netsperience 1.x Screenshot

netsperience 1.x Screenshot

I set up my first web page at GeoCities in 1996. Even then, I was interested in dynamic web pages, and I used meta http refresh to load a transitional page, and then my resume.  Since then, my web site there has grown to the limit for free hosting (15 mb), and I decided to upgrade netsperience to a web host with php and mysql as well as other amenities not available at GeoCities free hosting (well, you get what you pay for).

Up Against the War (PROTEST Off) Screenshot

Up Against the War (PROTEST Off) Screenshot

A political application of JavaScript - politics aside, the effects are pretty radical.

Up Against the War (PROTEST On) Screenshot

Up Against the War (PROTEST On) Screenshot

A political application of JavaScript - politics aside, the effects are pretty radical.

netsperience 1.0 at Geocities free hosting

You can still visit the original netsperience 1.0 - a good example of what can be accomplished with DHTML and JavaScript - no php no mysql - just client-side programming.

What can I say about a web site where I developed personal projects for over 10 years?
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