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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Welcome to netsperience 2.x

This is the personal web site of Randall Goya aka decibel.places

I develop, maintain, and extend web sites and web applications, mostly for Enterpise clients in publishing, media, education, marketing, and non-profit.

I build most of my projects with the Drupal content management framework. My profile on -- my Drupal Certified to Rock score is 4

My Facebook & Twitter & Foursquare & Google+ & LinkedIn & Github & IMDb

View/Download my CV » more About Me » my portfolio » some tunes by me

You're probably wondering, "If this is netsperience 2.x, what happened to netsperience 1.0?" It was at GeoCities Free Hosting for over ten years, but now it's gone along with the rest of GeoCities - you can still view much of the old GeoCities site where I experimented with JavaScript and DHTML at ReoCities

My 1997 Halloween Surprise at GeoCities

Back in the day - about 1997 - I started experimenting with web stuff on GeoCities, the much maligned free hosting site that got so many people building web sites, many (including mine?) with horrendous design decisions. There was no support for server-side scripting with PHP or SQL databases - it was strictly HTML and later added JavaScript and CSS when they came along.

I created a secret surprise page that was linked to buttons that looked "afraid" and also by some pseudo-random replacement of menu links using DHTML so it was unpredictable. Back then, we had to detect the Netscape browser (also gone) because the first one did not have a Math.random method like Internet Explorer 3, so we had to use our own pseudo-random number generator scripts for it.


All these images
(except the animations)
tile evenly
on a 640x480 pixel desktop.

yes, they were optimized for a 640 x 480 pixel display, in glorious 16 bit color

My favorite images were the animated gifs I made of dripping blood and a jumpy spider

                     blood dripping animated gif                                                                   spider animated gif


are you netSperienced?a  netSperience  website
©2003 by  Randall Goya

My last update before moving to hosting that provided PHP/MySQL was in 2003

GeoCities closed on October 27, 2009 R.I.P.

Much of my old GeoCities web site was helpfully archived at ReoCities

jQuery to the Rescue! Drupal warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in user.module

Call me old fashioned. I started using JavaScript in the 90s before jQuery was even an idea. Sure, I can troubleshoot jQuery, and it is used a lot in Drupal, but my first impulse is to write regular JavaScript, which still works too. I think jQuery is the best JS framework, I've worked with prototype.js, mootools etc. too.

But when I wanted to hide an obscure and possibly meaningless warning message on the user account edit page (so that new members would not get freaked and think they did something wrong) I struggled.

First I hacked the user.module and although I removed the warning I also gave everybody admin access, including people who are not even logged in - not a good idea.

So I used CSS to hide the warning messages on "body-page.user" which seemed to do the trick.

Then my client told me he was having trouble creating new accounts, and I realized that I hid ALL user module warnings including "User name xxxx already exists" so I was back with the ugly warning.

Finally, I decided to hide just the warning with the text in question. Sure, I could have done it with classic JavaScript, indexing through all the div elements and looking for the matching innerHTML text and hiding the div. I guess that would have been about 8 lines of code.

I decided to figger out the best jQuery method. I came up with one line of jQuery code to add to my theme template that did the trick:

<script type="text/javascript">$("div.messages:contains('Illegal offset type in isset or empty')").hide();</script>

(note: the .messages selector is crucial; without it, all divs that are parents of the warning are also hidden, effectively hiding the entire page!)

jQuery: write less, do morethanks, jQuery...

now about that PHP warning...

learn jQuery at W3Schools

About Randall Goya

aka decibel.places & netsperience dba Randall Goya, LLC

I have been creating web sites since 1996.

I have been a Drupal "Gun-for-Hire" expert consultant for Enterprise clients in Business, Entertainment, Education, and Non-profit for several years.

My Drupal strengths are

  • 8 years of experience since v 4.x (2005)

  • ability to work on back end and front end (and often both integrated at the same time)

  • Architecture Design including selecting contributed modules, identifying requirements for custom modules, and planning integration of 3rd party services

  • integration of services such as Brightcove, Salesforce, oauth etc.

  • fixing/improving legacy code by colleagues and former developers

  • documentation

  • presentations for Business stakeholders

  • managing development teams onshore and offshore

  • project management using Basecamp, JIRA, Redmine, Sharepoint and Open Atrium

  • experience self-hosting and with Acquia Enterprise and Cloud, Rackspace, Pantheon, Blackmesh, GoDaddy

  • performance and caching strategies with Drupal cache, Boost, memcache, Varnish, Akamai

  • DevOps with Features and other exportables, and CI (Jenkins, etc.)

  • individual member of the Drupal Association

  • I contributed patches and documentation on

I can build/configure a web server with Linux Apache Nginx PHP MySQL NoSQL ffmpeg/avconv Git Drush Nagios nodejs crontab

My network includes experts in UX/UE/UI, graphic design and branding, and SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by SEO-savvy writers, bloggers and marketing experts.

I partner with Danny Glix at Colorfury for visual branding strategy and design.

I (ghost)wrote an article about PHP and SEO that is widely distributed online: PHP SEO, and Spiders - Oh My!

I am among the top experts in web development on LinkedIn with more than 50 "best answers" before LinkedIn discontinued the Answers feature.

Clients have worked with me for years, and I can provide outstanding references.

I was a sound editor and engineer for major feature films in the 80s, and I work with rich media, video

LinkedIn Behind-the-Scenes: JavaScript Frameworks

Ever wonder what JavaScript frameworks are powering LinkedIn?

The Framework Detector addon for Firefox can tell you:

JS Remoting Library, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Yahoo! UI Library

JavaScript frameworks in use on LinkedIn

and the Backend Software Information addon can detect Drupal 5.x, 6.x, Wordpress 2.x, Django, phpBB, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, Joomla, Reddit and more!

FOB (Fly Over Background) DHTML Scroller

This scroller/viewer is similar to one using MooTools. It scrolls both the semi-transparent content divs to designated targets AND the optional background image, using smooth scrolling. The javascript source for this is lightweight, about 125 lines of code (5.73 kb) compared with about 10,000 lines in the MooTools-core and MooTools-more libraries (237 kb).

Feel free to use it. Please retain the copyleft GPL license notice intact.

Download files


code snippets widgets and stuff

My projects at The Webmaster Forums

There you can find:

  • Event Links List: scrollable div (no scrollbars) plus admin without database   
  • age verifier
  • check if PHP is parsed in HTML files   
  • password-protected download   
  • basic php email feedback form   
  • Up Against the War   
  • QuizBlender: JS Multiple Choice Quiz Engine and Editor: Common Spanish Phrases Demo   
  • The Ultimate Original JavaScript ColorShow

and more!

the Webmaster Forums

jsgenie Scripts Screenshot

jsgenie Scripts Screenshot

I tried out a lot of javascripts from libraries, and modded many with added features, better style, or just plain better function. I prefer to use off-the-shelf open source code as a starting point, it saves time (and saves money for my clients). However, I developed ideas for functions that weren't in any script libraries, so I had to cook them from scratch. I collected a few of these original and unusual javascript widgets, doodads, and apps at jsgenie Scripts.

Up Against the War (PROTEST Off) Screenshot

Up Against the War (PROTEST Off) Screenshot

A political application of JavaScript - politics aside, the effects are pretty radical.

Up Against the War (PROTEST On) Screenshot

Up Against the War (PROTEST On) Screenshot

A political application of JavaScript - politics aside, the effects are pretty radical.

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