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Drupal web development and other stuff


LinkedIn Recommendations

“Randall is a hard working and highly committed professional. He is one of the pioneers in Drupal, web2.0, and open source software. He has great project management skills for many types of projects, including Drupal and Acquia Drupal,, flash development, php/mysql technolgies, web2.0, wordpress and general project architecture and planning. He is very sucessful in managing off-shore teams, providing value without sacrificing quality. He is very customer oriented and tries to reduce the cost to customer using his innovative techniques. I recommend him for any IT or web development project; he has the capacity handle projects of any size. I have been collaborating with Randall for over a year, and the results are always successful.”   September 27, 2009

Arif Ali, CEO, Anteriorsoft Private Limited
was with another company when working with Randall at netsperience

“As a librarian, I am always looking for places to find information. Sometimes they are in books, other times they are on the web. However, information on web development is fragmented and in myriad places on the web. So when someone like Randall is able to take a complex problem that no one else seems to have a solution for, solve it, explain it in non-IT speak, and then show me how to solve it again, they are far more valuable than any book or website. He did this for me, even though I am sure he was busy with many other projects. And he did it in a way that showed me how to do it for myself. That is a gift that very few service providers give these days. And anytime I need advice on IT, I know where to go.”   August 6, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, Creative

Nick Prieve (LION) [email protected] hired Randall as a IT consultant in 2009

“Randall is a great ambassador within the Drupal Community, his expertise and willingness to impart knowledge to others is second to none. Having had no previous knowlege with Drupal itself, Randall provided me with guidance and advice throughout the times when I needed assistance. Keep up the good work.”   July 29, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mohammed S Mirza hired Randall as a Drupal consultant in 2009

“Randall was able to provide a quick response to why my live website had crashed and how to edit some code when I was unable to get the answer from the Drupal forums. He knew the answer instantly and was able to communicate it to me (as a non-techie) in simple terms with step-by-step instructions. Highly intelligent and highly recommended.”   July 29, 2009

Jonny Bravo, Consultant, Ernst & Young, was with another company when working with Randall at netsperience

“I initially posted a query on LI and other help forums for some assistance on a javascript problem. Not only did Randall graciously offer his help, but he continued to work with me until my issue was resolved. Because the original js framework which I had found online was somewhat buggy, I hired Randall to write a custom script. In the end, his javascript was far more lightweight, effective and customizable. Randall's work allowed me to offer my client a better product with enhanced DHTML. Plus, I also have a great resource for future projects. I highly recommend Randall and will hire him again.”   July 6, 2009

Top qualities:  Expert, Good Value, On Time

Catherine Azzarello hired Randall as a custom javascript expert in 2009

“I had Randall help me with building a website, and I was blown away by his expertise, his problem solving skills, and his personal skills. Randall is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and explains things in a way that you can fully understand. I would highly recommend Randall, for his skills but in addition for his enthusiasm and willingness to help you until the problem is solved. A+”   July 1, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rachelle Hynes hired Randall as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2009

“Randall is a top of the line developer and always comes through with healthy stable code. He knows his area of expertise, and has successfully and flawlessly handled complex issues dealing with Drupal, CMS's, DBs, advanced xhtml css, API's modules, etc. Randall is 10 out of 10.”   June 3, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Danny Glix hired Randall as a IT Consultant in 2009, and hired Randall more than once

“Randall has a fantastic understanding of Drupal (and the associated modules) as well as possessing the ability to translate a "non-techie's" ideas into a well functioning site. He communicated the job status frequently (and well) so there were absolutely no surprises. I highly recommend Randall to anyone looking for a Drupal Professional, or if you are looking for someone with HTML or PHP expertise.”  May 22, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Dan Sutton hired Randall as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2008

“Randall is very persistent and worked diligently to bring an idea to fruition. He is solid in his efforts to create innovative solutions. Randall is extremely helpful and talented. His work built a back-end solution for points generation and graphing for the site” March 8, 2009

Top qualities:  Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Valencia M hired Randall as a IT Consultant in 2008, and hired Randall more than once


“Randall Goya approached me with an innovative and creative idea to do a slideshow on YouTube about Faith my dog. His work was not only captivating, it was inspirational and led me to believe that he could do the same thing for others who are needing that extra push in their lives. He is truly a good man and a great graphics artist.” February 9, 2009

Jude Stringfellow ( Owner, Faith the Dog
worked with Randall at netsperience

“Randall is a pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff inside out, will take the time to listen to exactly what you want done, and is very reasonably priced. I highly recommend hiring him!” October 19, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Shoshana Kirschenbaum hired Randall as a Web developer in 2008, and hired Randall more than once

“I've used Randall on a couple of projects & he has always provided excellent results. He also comes up w/ very good suggestions and insights that help move things forward. Very good to work with all around.” October 17, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Jeff Gross hired Randall as a IT Consultant in 2008, and hired Randall more than once

“I have dealt with Netsperience on a few occasions and they have provided very good services to many clients. I also, referred them to our website hosting affiliate programme.” September 2, 2008

Michael Swan Owner, Corporate Internet Solutions
was with another company when working with Randall at netsperience

“I had hired Randall to create a custom module for Drupal for my client. He over exceeded all my expectations. Client was thrilled with the quality of work and innovative ideas he came up with.” August 29, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Abhas Agrawal hired Randall as a IT Consultant in 2008

Good Press in the Idaho Statesman

Boise man's hobby turns into Locavore Network

BY BETHANN STEWART - [email protected]
Copyright: © 2009 Idaho Statesman
Published: 06/20/09

Several years ago, Dan Sutton tried to find an old peach orchard that his family used to visit in Kansas when he was a kid.

What started as a hobby on a spreadsheet is now more than 15,000 grower profiles on Sutton's Web site, It took two years to complete and was published in mid-May.

Although Sutton had played around with different Web tools for years, building the database was difficult, he said. Everyone had their own way of compiling grower information. He used personal funds to hire Web developer Randall Goya, who understood what Sutton was trying to do.

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