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Winter Solstice + Lunar Eclipse = Trending Now

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Lunar eclipse

The first total lunar eclipse to fall on the winter solstice in over 300 years is generating significant discussion from amateur astronomers – and the Twittersphere – in the lead up to Tuesday morning’s big cosmic show. The Moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth, blocking the sun’s rays from striking the Moon.

But online comment boards and Twitter feeds indicate that won’t be much of a problem. The lunar eclipse is a trending topic on Twitter, and countless users are writing about how they plan to stay up to watch as the Moon aligns with the stars of the Milky Way.

And, because watching rare lunar activity isn’t enough, NASA has set up a live feed of the eclipse, and a live chat. There’s also an iPhone app that can help users track movements and display the eclipse.

The next time a total lunar eclipse will fall on the winter solstice is not expected to occur until 2094.

~ cadged from The Globe and Mail

Starting at 1:33 a.m. Eastern Standard Time Tuesday, the Winter Solstice Eclipse will cast an amber/red shadow over the moon, rather than an entirely black shadow that will block out the moon The eclipse is considered full at 2:41 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, Dec. 21. The best view of the full eclipse will be about 3:17 a.m. EST on the Winter Solstice. The last time the Winter Solstice saw a lunar eclipse was in 1378, 632 years ago.

~ cadged from Personal Money Store


More info about Winter Solstice 

Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere

I have noticed in the past couple of days odd miscommunications and widespread crankiness among many of my colleagues - not necessarily directed towards me, just general touchiness. Since many are in the NYC area, perhaps it is the effect of nearly three weeks of rain. I also considered Mercury in retrograde, but it has actually just returned.

I received an odd message accusing me of being behind a jealous cadre attacking a neophyte blog journalist, and perhaps also orchestrating a virus attack, a full-blown "psy war." Since I respect the writer's work, I tried to counsel her - and I was eventually ordered to refrain from all contact.

I do not usually make my infrequent flame wars public, but this one is truly irrational:

To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 9:56:33 AM
Subject: Please post on your screed site.


If you think being vindictive and malicious is the correct behavior to exhibit when someone drops you from their Linked In connections list - well, what can I say? You are showing the world that you are not a gentleman.
I would appreciate your correcting two glaring errors in your epistolary exhibition, however.
First of all, calling someone who has written for major magazines for 35 years or so a "neophyte blogger" is absolutely idiotic - as everyone who knows me realizes. I've published over 3,000 magazine articles. How many have you published?
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