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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Back In the Day with IMDb

Before there was an Internet, I had a 10 year career in "Hollywood on the Hudson" working on major feature films as a sound engineer, sound editor, and once, producer.

Randal A. Goya on IMDb

In those days I spelled "Randal" with one "l" - another story I shall share sometime.

About Randall Goya

aka decibel.places & netsperience dba Randall Goya, LLC

I have been creating web sites since 1996.

I have been a Drupal "Gun-for-Hire" expert consultant for Enterprise clients in Business, Entertainment, Education, and Non-profit for several years.

My Drupal strengths are

  • 8 years of experience since v 4.x (2005)

  • ability to work on back end and front end (and often both integrated at the same time)

  • Architecture Design including selecting contributed modules, identifying requirements for custom modules, and planning integration of 3rd party services

  • integration of services such as Brightcove, Salesforce, oauth etc.

  • fixing/improving legacy code by colleagues and former developers

  • documentation

  • presentations for Business stakeholders

  • managing development teams onshore and offshore

  • project management using Basecamp, JIRA, Redmine, Sharepoint and Open Atrium

  • experience self-hosting and with Acquia Enterprise and Cloud, Rackspace, Pantheon, Blackmesh, GoDaddy

  • performance and caching strategies with Drupal cache, Boost, memcache, Varnish, Akamai

  • DevOps with Features and other exportables, and CI (Jenkins, etc.)

  • individual member of the Drupal Association

  • I contributed patches and documentation on

I can build/configure a web server with Linux Apache Nginx PHP MySQL NoSQL ffmpeg/avconv Git Drush Nagios nodejs crontab

My network includes experts in UX/UE/UI, graphic design and branding, and SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by SEO-savvy writers, bloggers and marketing experts.

I partner with Danny Glix at Colorfury for visual branding strategy and design.

I (ghost)wrote an article about PHP and SEO that is widely distributed online: PHP SEO, and Spiders - Oh My!

I am among the top experts in web development on LinkedIn with more than 50 "best answers" before LinkedIn discontinued the Answers feature.

Clients have worked with me for years, and I can provide outstanding references.

I was a sound editor and engineer for major feature films in the 80s, and I work with rich media, video

Internet Week NY 2009 - Day 7 - IndieGoGo

INDIEGOGOSlava, the founder of IndieGoGo (and a genuinely nice guy), presented a discussion about film funding, promotion, and distribution. Panelists included Noah Harlan (401st Blow), Christopher Roberts (The Believer, Up With Me), Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified) and Scott Kirsner (Cinematech, Variety) as moderator. Other IWNY media panels focussed on short-form comedy web tv, this one discussed 'traditional" film.

I know three indie films in production, I am definitely telling them about IndieGoGo!

Katra NYC



There was an intimate party afterwards at Katra - with $5 Buds/Bud Lite/Bud Ale/Newcastle - Hallelujah! Also, free food! Fries with spicy mayo, hummous on pita pieces, and chicken bites (not for vegetarian me!)
So, that's it for me - Internet Week NY actually runs 8 days, like the Beatles, but I am not going to Day 8, and I was not invited to the Webby Gala at Cipriani (sob)
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