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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Welcome to netsperience 2.x

This is the personal web site of Randall Goya aka decibel.places

I develop, maintain, and extend web sites and web applications, mostly for Enterpise clients in publishing, media, education, marketing, and non-profit.

I build most of my projects with the Drupal content management framework. My profile on -- my Drupal Certified to Rock score is 4

My Facebook & Twitter & Foursquare & Google+ & LinkedIn & Github & IMDb

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You're probably wondering, "If this is netsperience 2.x, what happened to netsperience 1.0?" It was at GeoCities Free Hosting for over ten years, but now it's gone along with the rest of GeoCities - you can still view much of the old GeoCities site where I experimented with JavaScript and DHTML at ReoCities

Empire Avenue: a social game, a community and ?

I joined Empire Avenue yesterday because Chris Pirillo (e)Pirillo recommended it on Google+ for people who already use social networks to promote themselves and their businesses.

It's kind of fun, investing virtual scrip (eaves) in other people and getting invested in and meeting new people. It could easily become an obsession, there the obsessed are stars, not trolls.

It connects with your activity and network on Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, G+ etc.

I also added this blog there, so here's the code to promote my RSS feed to an offical Blog on Empire Avenue: {EAV:7b7cbef88863e3fa}


Oh yeah, there's my ticker in the right sidebar ►→→→→→→→

A Week Without Foursquare

Decibel Places Check-in History on foursquare

Last seen 6 days ago at: PathmarkSince I am working from home for now, I'm not going out as much. I decided to see what it would be like to go a week without a foursquare check-in.

I played the points game and I beat out all my other friends with weekly averages of 180+ - until I friended someone in my neighborhood who also commutes to New York. He averages over 300 points per week, I wonder how he gets anything else done between check-ins!

I was tempted to checkin when I visted my local haunts: Twin City Liquors, Food Bazaar, etc, and yesterday at the NJ Drupalcamp - but it was Day 7 - so I resisted.

I met someone at a NYC Drupal Happy Hour and the first thing he said is, "You're the one who is always checks in, I learn about new places from you."

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