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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Welcome to netsperience 2.x

This is the personal web site of Randall Goya aka decibel.places

I develop, maintain, and extend web sites and web applications, mostly for Enterpise clients in publishing, media, education, marketing, and non-profit.

I build most of my projects with the Drupal content management framework. My profile on -- my Drupal Certified to Rock score is 4

My Facebook & Twitter & Foursquare & Google+ & LinkedIn & Github & IMDb

View/Download my CV » more About Me » my portfolio » some tunes by me

You're probably wondering, "If this is netsperience 2.x, what happened to netsperience 1.0?" It was at GeoCities Free Hosting for over ten years, but now it's gone along with the rest of GeoCities - you can still view much of the old GeoCities site where I experimented with JavaScript and DHTML at ReoCities

Errors and Inconsistencies on LinkedIn

I have great respect for the pool of experts and talent who are members of LinkedIn.

However, I find the LinkedIn interface clumsy, cumbersome, and often, wrong.

Here is a collection of errors and inconsistencies from LinkedIn. View my profile on LinkedIn. You are welcome connect with me on all my social accounts, here is my Appearoo profile (formerly XeeMe) with links to them.

First Comment Is Not The First Comment

2014-12-08 10:15

I was the first person to add a comment on an article on LinkedIn. However, after my comment was posted, the comment box still said: "Be the first to comment and start the conversation!"

first comment is not the first comment

Errors and Inconsistencies on Google Plus

Social Networking sites like Google Plus are fantastic - but often they #fail in their UI/UX. I collect and report foibles on LinkedIn already. Here are some on Google+ View my stream on Google+ You are welcome to connect with me on all my social accounts, here is my Appearoo profile (formerly XeeMe) with links to them.

Wrong info in edit profile

in edit view it says "you're not displaying this"

you're not displaying this

oh -- but I am -- when I click the edit link:

show circles

What's In A Name? The birth of decibel.places on and everywhere else

How I Came To Be Known As Decibel Places

I have used the handle netsperience as my "web brand" since 1996 - but when I decided to claim the domain, was already taken.

So I started to think about a good nickname for a programmer.

In the late 70s I occasionally published a xeroxed zine about the Providence, RI punk rock scene and I called it "Decibel Places"

Adding a decimal point completes the pun: I searched "decibel places" to see if anybody else was using it; I found one reference, clearly intended to be "decimal places" and I had a good laugh. Today, that result is buried at the bottom of the 17th page of Google results - the rest are me.

I switched my username to "decibel.places" and everywhere else.

I created an avatar with the newly created by Paste Magazine. I was just playing around, using my laptop's webcam. I liked the side-lit effect, and the fact that the blue highlight on my face looks a lot like New Jersey.

LinkedIn suspended my account for using this as my profile image. I argued with them that it is an actual photo, but they would not allow it.

Recently my wife told me she doesn't understand what it means. I explained it to her: a double pun on my love for loud music and programming. "Oh," she said.

The only drawback is that many web sites like Twitter and Facebook do not allow a username with punctuation. (Facebook allows it in the URL but not as a user name.) Although this weakens the "joke" I think it actually improves search ranking with multiple spellings.

I have actually met people at meetups and parties who know me as "decibel" not by my real name. I guess it was a good marketing move. It's important to fully claim and establish your "brand" especially if it is your "personal" brand.

Someone should start a project documenting the origin of usernames. How did chx pick the name? Besides what we think we know, what about merlinofchaos?


Visualize Your Network with InMaps by LinkedIn Labs

LinkedIn Labs has cool projects created by LinkedIn employees

like Aid Patrol helping homeless veterans

InMaps generates a color-coded scatterplot of your network:

LinkedIn Map for Randall Goya

Legend for LinkedIn Map of Randall Goya's NetworkThe blue peninsula to the right represents my Drupal network (they picked the color!) which seems pretty insular, not very connected to the rest of my "circle"

Also, I created the labels, and in some cases I could not identify why some recruiters were assigned one color or another - except for CyberCoders and strictly technical recruiters.

why yes, I do know a lot of recruiters, if anybody would like introductions!

Empire Avenue: a social game, a community and ?

I joined Empire Avenue yesterday because Chris Pirillo (e)Pirillo recommended it on Google+ for people who already use social networks to promote themselves and their businesses.

It's kind of fun, investing virtual scrip (eaves) in other people and getting invested in and meeting new people. It could easily become an obsession, there the obsessed are stars, not trolls.

It connects with your activity and network on Twitter, Facebook, foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, G+ etc.

I also added this blog there, so here's the code to promote my RSS feed to an offical Blog on Empire Avenue: {EAV:7b7cbef88863e3fa}


Oh yeah, there's my ticker in the right sidebar ►→→→→→→→

Binary Correspondence on LinkedIn

How do you reply to Hi, or 010010000110100100101100 ?

how about


Try this Binary-Text Converter

Is Incompetence Widespread? (LinkedIn Answers)

The question:

Is Incompetence Widespread?

During a discussion with a LI colleague we discussed incompetence. The issue came up when we discussed the credibility of an institution. I thought the institution had credibility, I only questioned the competence of select staff members. His response, "Incompetence is widespread." After a smile and a laugh, I though about it really widespread?

My answer:

By answering I risk exposing my incompetence. Ah well, forge on!

As a web developer I need to pay careful attention to the UI because most computer users do not think like programmers and the interface needs to be not only intuitive but also sensible, and guide them in case they do the unexpected. Does that make them incompetent? Perhaps in the eyes of the elite who assume that the "average Joe" knows that cookies are not edible and Walmart does not accept cache.

On a recent job, I had to edit the copy that was provided because the writer used "effect" instead of "affect" and did not match the verb to the number of the subject. On another project, a writer helpfully wrote praise for Ben Franklin for Presidents Day.

My only solace is seeing the teens industriously texting (or maybe sexting) all around, which must be a boost for literacy, however "eubonic."

One of my most eye-opening experiences was letting a class of 3rd graders loose on a quiz application I developed - I thought I anticipated most errors, but they found ten more ways to break it I never imagined!

In summation, competence is in the eye of the beholder, and I have suffered from foot-in-mouth complications frequently enough to know that I am not above being wrong, and yes, sometimes incompetent.

Adrienne Sasson wrote:


Thank you for such a cheerful answer. At this time, you have not exposed any incompetence.

Of course, none of us are above it all and we all make errors. It's is just that some don't know when to say, oops, I screwed up, even when shown.

Keep forging on!


LinkedIn Removed My Photo

Resolved - for now - With a Different Photo

Well, LinkedIn finally enabled the photo upload, but I'm not the most photogenic geezer, I would like my colorized photo back!


Ongoing Saga: Useless Advice, Still Frustrated

My account is restricted and I cannot upload a new photo to remove the restriction because my account is restricted because my previous photo was removed:



Here is the latest useless communication from LinkedIn:

Subject: Help?
Hi Randall,

Thanks for contacting LinkedIn with your questions.

Your account is currently restricted because of the photo you have on your profile. If your Javascript is enabled you should be able to upload a photo. If it does not work on one browser try a different one. Once you get the photo changes your account will be unrestricted.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reply to this message.

LinkedIn Customer Support
Original Contact:
Member Comment: Randall Goya 12/17/2010 19:07
My account is restricted:

1. I cannot upload a photo even following your directions and disabling Javascript

2. I cannot send an invitation to connect

3. I cannot select a contact as an expert when answering a question

please help

500 Connections on LinkedIn

I reached the milestone of 500 connections on LinkedIn

I am not a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker). I only accept invitations from people I know or who are members of shared groups or have a shared contact. My next milestone: "Columbus" connections (1492). I am also among the top 5 experts in Web Development with 50+ best answers on LinkedIn.

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