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What is "Riffing" on socl?

socl logoI have been following the troubled launch of Microsoft's new social search community socl - which seems to have stabilized after some shaky hours today.

So, what is riffing?

Like Google Plus and Facebook, you can comment on a socl post - and you can reshare it - but riffing is like collaboratively sharing it - and the original post is attached with its comments - and there is a link to view all riffs as a category

riffing on socl

well, Microsoft had to do something different, didn't they?

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Errors and Inconsistencies on socl

I joined the new Microsoft social search network socl

They are having some birthing issues:

socl site issues

Now You See It Now You Don't

I did a search for "Drupal" and added some links to my favorite resources to a post in my feed.

shows up in search

Someone even favorited it, I got the notification.

Later, I wanted to let Chris Voss know - and my post was gone.

docl post deleted

Then I clicked on the link to it on my Facebook, and it was back.

now you see it - socl

But then it was gone again. - or is it back?

I just tried to post a link to this blog post on socl, and nothing happened.

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