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netsperience 2.x
Drupal web development and other stuff


Building a Video Playlist for JW Player 6 with Drupal 7 Views

I took over a Drupal 7 project building a web application for college students to upload original videos about their school, and for schools to manage, group, and share the videos.

It's a startup privately funded by the principal, and we are literally working on a shoestring. My previous experience with media in Drupal led the principal to contact me via LinkedIn.

When it came time to build a video playlist in Drupal Views for JW Player version="6.7.4071" (formerly known as Longtail Video), I found very little useful documentation. In fact, someone suggested that those who know how are not interested in sharing their knowlege. -- but not me smiley

There are a couple of videos on YouTube by Bryan Ollendyke for Drupal 6. But a lot has changed in Drupal since then.

The Goal:

Back to the playlist: Site admins can mark a video featured by ticking a checkbox on the custom video content type. Now I want to display those featured videos as a playlist.


JW Player provides clear documentation about how to embed the player, and how to construct and load the playlist via a RSS feed.

The structure of the RSS file:

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:jwplayer="">

    <title>Sintel Trailer</title>
    <description>Sintel is a fantasy CGI from the Blender Open Movie Project.</description>
    <jwplayer:source file="/assets/sintel.mp4" />


There are various threads on discussing video playlists for JW Player. None of them were particularly useful for me.

Who Hasn't Woken Up On The Subway With Your Head On A Stranger's Shoulder?

On the Q train, couldn't resist capturing this slice of NYC life, catching a few more zzzs on the way to wherever - the stranger sitting next to her is priceless too

Drupal Christmas Song Video on YouTube

Original version see link below

adapted from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" by Jon Stieglitz

Case Study of adidas Moves Pulse at Drupal NYC meetup

On October 6, 2010 Randall Goya (aka decibel.places) presented a developer's case study at the Drupal NYC meetup of adidas Moves Pulse, a video upload and voting contest web site for High School kids, created by adidas and Coty to promote the new Moves Pulse fragrance. He will repeat the presentation at the Northern NJ Drupal meetup on October 13.

Download the Powerpoint slides from the presentation

Oprah Says Faith the Dog is Her All-Time Favorite Animal

Faith the Dog on Oprah videoOn October 4, 2010 Oprah said that Faith the Dog is her all-time favorite animal guest

See a clip of the show, including a reprise of Faith's 2006 appearance on Oprah, on Faith the Dog's Official Web Site

I am the Webmaster and Web Developer for Faith's web site, built with Drupal of course


The Damned: Punk Rock Godfathers Make My Week

Before the Sex Pistols there were The Damned - critics accused them of speeding up their tapes because nobody human could play that fast.

I downloaded about 450 songs by The Damned and I have to say they have made my week. They remind me why I had a punk band in the 70s, The National Guard, with Billy Schreier (who went on to the Way Outs in Buffalo NY)  and David Corn (now a journalist).

New Rose - the first punk rock single

Neat Neat Neat - the second single (live 1977)

Neat Neat Neat on Craig Ferguson 10-30-08

Only In NYC: Punks with Pet Rats on the F Train

I have been working on a contract in NYC. Tonite I happened on these rat afficionadoes.

Rats on the F Train in NYC

Rats on the F Train in NYC

I hope they NEVER have kids...

Rats on the F Train in NYC

Play video:

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In the 1970s my band The National Guard played at the Ratfucker Party
in Providence RI - but the rats there were all dead.

This is another argument for importing Nepenthes attenboroughii to the NYC Subways

Rat-Eating Plant

Camping with NY Spades & Other Games Meetup

NY Spades & Other Games Meetup went into the woods!

NY Spades and Other Games Camping Trip

Six members camped out at Beaver Pond in Harriman State Park in New York.

Activities included hiking, swimming, eating, drinking (plenty of drinking!), games, and - oh yeah - playing spades. See more images...

Although we needed 2 more players for two simultaneous games, the wildlife visited but did not play. A raccoon dug into our left over bean burritos but dropped it on the ground, probably too spicy, not a Mexican raccoon. 
Deer with Vita

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Video of mama deer and baby faun

(play and share)

Pro-Israel Rally in New York City June 9 2010

A light rain fell as hundreds of New Yorkers rallied across the street from the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan Wednesday to voice their support for the embattled Jewish state in the wake of the Gaza flotilla deaths. (read more at Stand With Us)

Crowd at Pro-Israel Rally in New York June 9 2010

We sang Hatikvah and The Star Spangled Banner

Singing at Pro-Israel Rally in New York June 9 2010

I was there, my friend Shoshana told me about it. I support Israel and I believe a nation has a right to protect itself under attack (remember September 11, 2001?).

see more photos

play video:

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About Randall Goya

aka decibel.places & netsperience dba Randall Goya, LLC

I have been creating web sites since 1996.

I have been a Drupal "Gun-for-Hire" expert consultant for Enterprise clients in Business, Entertainment, Education, and Non-profit for several years.

My Drupal strengths are

  • 8 years of experience since v 4.x (2005)

  • ability to work on back end and front end (and often both integrated at the same time)

  • Architecture Design including selecting contributed modules, identifying requirements for custom modules, and planning integration of 3rd party services

  • integration of services such as Brightcove, Salesforce, oauth etc.

  • fixing/improving legacy code by colleagues and former developers

  • documentation

  • presentations for Business stakeholders

  • managing development teams onshore and offshore

  • project management using Basecamp, JIRA, Redmine, Sharepoint and Open Atrium

  • experience self-hosting and with Acquia Enterprise and Cloud, Rackspace, Pantheon, Blackmesh, GoDaddy

  • performance and caching strategies with Drupal cache, Boost, memcache, Varnish, Akamai

  • DevOps with Features and other exportables, and CI (Jenkins, etc.)

  • individual member of the Drupal Association

  • I contributed patches and documentation on

I can build/configure a web server with Linux Apache Nginx PHP MySQL NoSQL ffmpeg/avconv Git Drush Nagios nodejs crontab

My network includes experts in UX/UE/UI, graphic design and branding, and SERP (Search Engine Rank Placement), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by SEO-savvy writers, bloggers and marketing experts.

I partner with Danny Glix at Colorfury for visual branding strategy and design.

I (ghost)wrote an article about PHP and SEO that is widely distributed online: PHP SEO, and Spiders - Oh My!

I am among the top experts in web development on LinkedIn with more than 50 "best answers" before LinkedIn discontinued the Answers feature.

Clients have worked with me for years, and I can provide outstanding references.

I was a sound editor and engineer for major feature films in the 80s, and I work with rich media, video

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