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‘Sir Drupal of Drupingtown, protector of all things Drupal-ly’

A team member - who will go unnamed - offered to knight me ‘Sir Drupal of Drupingtown, protector of all thing [sic] Drupal-ly’ if I demonstrated a stable homepage built with panels.
What led up to that offer:
I wrote, "When I came back from being out sick, I discovered – nobody told me – that you ditched the panels homepage entirely and replaced it with a node template. I am here to bring our site into line with best practices for Drupal. I do not care if “that is how we have always done it” if there is a better “Drupal-ly” way."
Here are his replies:
 9/23/2011 12:47 PMRepost your work and if it renders properly – Kudos.  If not, you are making yourself look bad. Push your files to dev and test.  If everything works correctly, then I stand corrected and will go on record as Randall Goya being knighted ‘Sir Drupal of Drupingtown, protector of all thing [sic] Drupal-ly’. I have stated my position.  I have work to do.  Good day, sir.  I say Good Day.
9/21/2011 3:17 PMI am more than ready to endorse a stable version of the homepage.  Stable being the word, not ‘Drupal-ly’.  There are many different varieties of Kool-Aid not just the blue dot version.  I am sure that everyone at the Drupal meeting drink [sic] from the Drupal teat.
9/21/2011 1:53 PMI vote for simple, stable, clean.  Panels adds instability, code bloat and complexity with the code being distributed between panels, blocks, views, modules, etc…

sometimes your coworkers unintentionally make you laugh...


ah nowic in IRC

ah nowic in IRC - but my title "Sir Drupal" does not rely on a transient bot, it's eternally a part of the interweb

Try that seanr? again -

Try that seanr? again - someone deprogrammed the bot. :-/

Been there done that

I do use panels fairly regularly, but am not a huge fan of doing them in the node template.  The main problems I've encountered arise during major version upgrades.  I recently inherited a site where literally all of the nodes used panels, and there were dfferent variants for each content type.  Upgrading that site from 6 to 7 was an absolute bitch.  I got it done, but still... ;-)  That said, I do use features heavily.  I'm a huge fan of exportability (also happens that I know the guys who built that stuff very well).

As for being knighted, I've got one better on you: go into the #drupal chatroom on and enter "seanr?" minus the quotes. ;-)

tried seanr? at

tried seanr? at [email protected] nothing happens #FAIL perhaps you were dethroned, while I ride into the sunset and tilt at windmills