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Brown University 30th Reunion - Still Crazy After All These Years

Brown 30th ReunionI'm going back to Providence for the first time since the mid 80s when I was a guest lecturer in sound engineering at the MacColl Studio for Electronic Music (I nearly completed a music degree along with Anthropology/Archeology with Honors, and Classics).

Just this week a few people asked me how old I am (including a client, who seemed to be weighing whether he could get away with paying me less than I billed, or risk being boycotted by AARP). I am saying, well, I have a 30th Reunion this weekend but I graduated when I was 6 years old...

I scanned the attendance list for old pals and gals - and Jonathan P. Schwartz will be there, who has a great video studio in Boston, Interlock Media. A special shout out to Michael Guzy and Kristen Solberg too! But my dear old friends Gabriel and Lezlie are in Panama raising 3 beautiful boys.

I remember the 1980 Campus Dance, I helped Michael Levy back to his room after he had a bit too much to drink... the next day he did not remember how he got there - alas, he's not on the list this year. It should be fun, nostalgic, and yes, I'm buying a tshirt.


Souds exciting

Enjoy the weekend off, see you back at the design studio next week.