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Comcast Avoids Another Class Action Lawsuit Thanks to CSA Maecamille (MC to her friends)

Problem : My online payment had an error - but my phone payment went through with the same method of payment - I want a credit for the phone processing charge

Maecamille > Hello Randall_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Maecamille. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Maecamille > Hi! Thank you for choosing to chat us your concerns. I am Maecamille and I will be assisting you on your concern today. How are you doing?
Randall_ > hi MC
Maecamille > Hi Randall.
Maecamille > How are you today?
Randall_ > fine thanks
Randall_ > when I submitted payment online the screen said error and call Comcast
Randall_ > when I called I used the same credit card and it went through
Randall_ > agent said the online record said card expired but I used the same card
Randall_ > I want a credit for $4.95 for the phone processing charge
Maecamille > I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing, Randall. I can understand the frustration when something is not working the way it is supposed to. As your service representative today, I want you to know that your satisfaction is of my topmost priority and I assure you that we can resolve your concern together on this chat.
Maecamille > We value security above anything else and to protect your account, can you give me the account holder's complete name, full service address, and the account number? If your account number is not available, I can have the last four digits of your SSN on the account in lieu of the account number.
Randall_ > you can resolve it by issuing the credit for $4.95 for the unnecessary charge for payment by phone
Randall_ > service is different than billing - do you want billing name and address or service?
Maecamille > Actually, I am asking for the account holder's name and the service address.
Randall_ > account # is xxxxxxxx
Randall_ > service is xxx xxx xxx
Maecamille > Thank you for the information. Rest assured that whatever information shared between us will definitely be kept in confidence. We do thank you for entrusting your information with us.
Maecamille > Please give me a couple of minutes while I check on your account. I’ll get right back to you.
Randall_ > thanks
Maecamille > While pulling up your account, let me share with you one of our FREE services. Comcast's EcoBill. It is the environmentally friendly way to view and pay your bill online. Sign-In to Comcast customerCentral, click the Account & Bill tab, click on the Set-up paperless billing button below the bill details section. The easy-to-follow on screen process will quickly allow you to turn off paper statements and manage your bill online.
Randall_ > I prefer to get a paper bill, thanks
Randall_ > it is annoying that your text scrolls off the window to the right(using Firefox browser)
Randall_ > I am a web programmer - want to hire me to fix it?
Maecamille > Oh. I see.
Randall_ > about the $4.95 credit
Maecamille > By the way Randall, as I pulled-up your account.
Randall_ > I would not have had to call if my payment was processed when I submitted it the first time
Maecamille > I see here that the digits you gave me didn't match to our records.
Randall_ > what digits
Maecamille > I am referring to the account number.
Randall_ > xxxxxxxx
Maecamille > Thank you.
Randall_ > I am copying it from my statement
Maecamille > Okay.
Maecamille > I was able to pull-up your account now, Randall.
Maecamille > Going back to your request of $4.95 credit.

Randall_ > I gave you the same # the first time
Maecamille > I understand that you are requesting the $4.95 credit since you are charged for processing the payment.
Maecamille > Am I right?
Randall_ > If I was billed $4.95 because your system did not process my payment online - and forced me to call - then I should not have to pay the surcharge
Randall_ > it's a matter of principle - also I do not like it when web sites do not function properly, it's a professional thing
Randall_ > do you mind that I call you "MC" it is shorter than Maecamille
Maecamille > Actually Randall, if we made the payment for you, there is always a $5.0 charge for that.
Maecamille > It's okay, Randall.
Randall_ > the phone system said $4.95 - another mistake!
Randall_ > I should not have to pay because your web site malfunctioned
Maecamille > I'm sorry for the inconvenience Randall.
Randall_ > nickel and diming me! I thought the charge was $4.95 from the recording I heard, now you tell me it is $0.05 more!
Maecamille > Actually, there is a system maintenance to our website, that is why there are some issues with our website.
Randall_ > I should not have to pay for your maintenance
Maecamille > I'm sorry, actually, the $5.00 charge is just an approximate amount since it differs on the market in your area.
Maecamille > However, if $4.95 was mentioned, rest assured that it is $4.95 charge.
Randall_ > other websites (including ones I build) will give a temporary message during maintenance so there are no glitches
Randall_ > I do not want to pay for the Comcast website glitch
Randall_ > I do not want to pay $4.95 or $5.00 - understand?
Maecamille > Okay. I understand you Randall.
Randall_ > if the web site processed my payment the first time we would not be discussing this at all
Randall_ > and I used the same method of payment by phone, which was recorded "card expired" by the web transaction
Randall_ > you need better programmers
Randall_ > take the $5 from their salary
Maecamille > Actually Randall, there is always a charge for paying your bills over the phone.
Randall_ > I know sometimes CS people like you cannot issue a credit - in that case I want to talk to your supervisor
Maecamille > Actually Randall, my supervisor and I are using the same tool to assist you with your concern.
Randall_ > I wonder how many other people had the same "problem" and had to pay the phone surcharge
Randall_ > sounds like a class action law suit in the maikng...
Maecamille > Actually Randall, upon making the payment we always remind you of the charge.
Randall_ > just give me the credit and I won't talk to lawyers
Randall_ > not only did you steal my money you are wasting my time
Maecamille > We don't steal anything from you, Randall.
Randall_ > credit my account $5 or I will get a list of Comcast customers who got ripped off the same way and take Comcast to court on a class action
Maecamille > We always remind you of the charge, Randall.
Randall_ > you denied my transaction for no reason and forced me to pay to process it over the phone -
Randall_ > that is a SCAM
Randall_ > I have a copy of this chat and I am about to post it to Facebook, Twitter, Yelp! etc to get the class action lawsuit going!
Randall_ > or you can credit my account $5
Maecamille > Okay.
Randall_ > are you feeling LUCKY MC?
Maecamille > Let me go ahead and process the credit for you, Randall.
Randall_ > thank you MC
Maecamille > Let me clarify that I will process a $4.95 credit on your account.
Randall_ > that is what the system said would be the charge - $4.95 is fine
Maecamille > Okay.,
Maecamille > Please give me 3-5 minutes to process this for you.
Maecamille > Thank you.
Randall_ > sure
Randall_ > are you sure you're not collecting an extra $0.05? You said the charge is $5.00 and the automated phone system said $4.95
Randall_ > a lot of nickels adds up to some real money - just ask British Petroleum
Maecamille > Actually Randall, the charge will differ on your market.
Randall_ > I see, thanks
Maecamille > Okay.
Maecamille > To update you, I am still in the middle of processing the credit for you.
Randall_ > ok
Maecamille > Thank you for patiently waiting, Randall.
Randall_ > np
Maecamille > I have just done applying the $4.95 credit on your account.
Maecamille > May I know if there is anything else I can assist you with today?
Randall_ > ok thx
Randall_ > no thank you, MC
Maecamille > Before we go, let us sum up everything, you chatted in because you have a concern with $4.95 credit; and I resolved it by applying $4.95 credit on your account. I hope this chat was helpful to you.
Maecamille > I am glad that I was able to help you, someway or another, in resolving this issue. You may receive a 3-question survey after this chat. I hope you will take some time to fill it up as we value your feedback about our services.
Randall_ > ok
Maecamille > It is with gratitude to have you as my customer on this chat and I appreciate the opportunity you have have given me today to resolve your issue, Randall.
Maecamille > Do you want to watch full tv shows and movies online? Go to Thank you for choosing Comcast as your service provider and have a great day. Comcast appreciates your business and values you as a customer. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service. If you need further assistance, you can chat with our customer support specialists at Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!
Maecamille > Analyst has closed chat and left the room