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Congratulations! You’ve gained the ‘Community’ role on

An email explains the super-powers granted to Community role users:

Thanks for being an active user of! Due to your frequent
participation, you’ve been granted a ‘community’ role on
You are joining thousands of active users who are helping us make this site a
better place for new users.

From now on, you may occasionally see a small ‘confirm’ button on
comments or user profiles of other users on This means you are
looking at a new user, who hasn’t been confirmed as not a spammer yet, and
who doesn’t currently have full access to the site.

When you see this button, please take another look at what the person posted.
If their content looks valid and not spammy, just click ‘confirm’. By
doing so, you enable the person to fully participate on and
improve their daily experience on the site.

You can read more about user roles at and about the community
role specifically at 

Thanks for helping us make a better place!

- Team