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Errors and Inconsistencies on Google Plus

Social Networking sites like Google Plus are fantastic - but often they #fail in their UI/UX. I collect and report foibles on LinkedIn already. Here are some on Google+ View my stream on Google+ You are welcome to connect with me on all my social accounts, here is my Appearoo profile (formerly XeeMe) with links to them.

Wrong info in edit profile

in edit view it says "you're not displaying this"

you're not displaying this

oh -- but I am -- when I click the edit link:

show circles


Can't Add Circle - Come Back Tomorrow (and the next day, and the next...)

You've reached the daily limit for adding to your circles. You can add more tomorrow

I tried "tomorrow" (today) and got the same message. It's like those signs in bars that say:

Free Beer! Come Back Tomorrow!

Can't Plus Google+

can't plus Google+

I used to be able to add Google+ to a post, I saw others add it today as a +link; it's not because it's public, tried without that...

Photos Repeat in Albums When Re-Added...

I created an album from photos uploaded from my phone; I saw some images were missing, so I re-added the whole set - with the result that some photos were repeated in the album- can't they detect it's the same photo and remove the duplicates?

Google Plus photo plbum with repeated images



You may know...

NBCUNI Me is the alias for my old NBCUNI email from last year in my Yahoo Mail address book. I think I know "Me" - the good news is that Google doesn't know that it's "Me" - or maybe it just doesn't care?

you might know NBCUNI Me on Google Plus

Photo taken in New York, NY listed as Edgewater, NY

(Taken at Broadway & 130th Street - across the river from Edgewater, NJ)

Text goes away in edit pane when photos attached

text goes away in edit pane when photos attached

Then I thought, "I can copy it, paste it, and edit it" - but then my previous post was gone from the Stream until I reloaded the page, and then I could edit the text normally. Must be a caching glitch.

Can't view full list of who added me without zooming out

I want to see who added me so I can add them back

Google+ Added you notification

When I view the list, I have to zoom out 3 or 4 times to be able to scroll it in Firefox 7.0.1

Google Plus notification zoomed out for full view