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Errors and Inconsistencies on LinkedIn

I have great respect for the pool of experts and talent who are members of LinkedIn.

However, I find the LinkedIn interface clumsy, cumbersome, and often, wrong.

Here is a collection of errors and inconsistencies from LinkedIn. View my profile on LinkedIn. You are welcome connect with me on all my social accounts, here is my Appearoo profile (formerly XeeMe) with links to them.

First Comment Is Not The First Comment

2014-12-08 10:15

I was the first person to add a comment on an article on LinkedIn. However, after my comment was posted, the comment box still said: "Be the first to comment and start the conversation!"

first comment is not the first comment

Reply To Comment Button With Small Clickable Area

2014-12-03 13:04

I was posting a reply to a comment on a LinkedIn Article, and I was frustrated when clicking on the Reply button did nothing. Then I noticed if I moved the cursor almost to the bottom of the button, the cursor display changed to indicate it was clickable.


reply button not clickable in current cursor position


reply button clickable only on lower edge

I only checked this in Chrome browser on Ubuntu.


LinkedIn Changes Invitations Item in User Menu: Creates More Steps for User, Perhaps a "Fix" for Many Display Issues for Invitations In Mail Box?

2014-09-08 16:42

LinkedIn has separated "Invitations" from "Messages" in the user menu. Messages have the envelope icon:

linkedin messages and invitations in separate menu items now

The Invitations are in a separate menu item with the plus sign:

linkedin invitations in separate menu item now

When you click on an invitation in the new menu item, you are not taken to your Mail Box; you view the profile page of the inviter, with a button to accept the invitation. When you click on the word "Invitations" under the new menu item, you are not taken to your Mail Box; you view a list of Pending Invitations. Either way requires accepting the Invitations one-by-one.

linkedin invitations in separate menu item now

But I like the list of Pending Invitations in my Mail Box with a "select all" checkbox; there are few invitations that I ignore. This list is still accessible in my Mail Box:

linkedin invitations in separate menu item now

Perhaps LinkedIn wants to make it less easy to accept multiple invitations, so you examine each one more carefully?

Or perhaps LinkedIn created the new workflow and menu items that encourage you to follow that flow, as a way to make the display issues for Invitations in the Mail Box less noticeable?

I have documented the display issues for Invitations in the Mail Box many times below, for example wrong and/or negative count.


Still problems with Invitations count:

5 invitations listed as 2:

after accepting all 5, -3 invitations listed:



One unread message is Two? Three? Oh wait, it's already read?

Can't congratulate Keith on new job:

My friend Keith Williams announced his role as Chief Technology Architect at Monimus, but I could not congratulate him:



One unread message is Two? Three? Oh wait, it's already read?

Viewing Unread messages: one already read message listed as 1 -2 of 2 and with 3 showing in the tab...


This mesage won't go away from unread... 9 weeks after the original post, it is still hanging out in unread:

LinkedIn two unread plus third read message listed as unread

and once the other two messages are read - yes, they are actually two identical messages, not a LinkedIn bug THIS time -

same already read message lingers LinkedIn unread list


Cannot reply to message

Got a message on Yahoo Mail, but it didn't load

So I tried to reply on LinkedIn

but I was prompted to log in

(although I was already loggged in, AND the login screen kept appearing... a sub-bug?)

and when I viewed my sent messages, the reply was not there



But I'm already logged in, and why can't I edit the comment?

After posting a comment, I noticed a typo: Inida instead of India

But when I corrected it and tried to submit it, I got a login screen (although I was already logged in)

and to add insult to injury, I could neither log in nor correct the comment

has this happened to you? post a comment below


Help! We're Upside Down

Another thing I have IN COMMON WITH MARVIN...

help we're upside down

If 4 Messages Were 9

Reminds me of the Jimi Hendrix song If 6 were 9 - 4 actual messages listed as 9 in some places

if 4 messages were 9

Can't View Home Page

Every time I try to view the homepage, it redirects to this Error Page after a flash of the homepage content. It seems to be caused by the InMail Notifier.

Request Error | LinkedIn


Full profiles for 3rd-degree connections are available

only to premium account holders (sometimes)


When I followed a link to the LinkedIn profile I was blocked from viewing it:


LinkedIn wants me to pay at least 19.95/month to upgrade and view the profile:


Searching for the name displays the profile without the premium membership:

Can't Change My Status

I want to update my status to:

XeeMe Registration status preview

on Share the previous status from yesterday persists and the update vanishes:

old status locked on LinkedIn

[EDIT] it showed up some time later, perhaps a caching or cron issue

People You May Know  beta  Doesn't Send Invitations Successfully


But if you click through to the profile you can send the invitation the normal way

Vanishing Invitations

  1. I received an invitation to connect in my email. When I clicked on the "Accept" button, the LinkedIn web site said the invitation no longer exists.
  2. Curious, I visited the inviter's profile, where I was surprised to see an "Accept invitation" button
  3. But when I clicked on it, I was taken to an archived invitation, with no way to accept.

and when I asked the sender about it, he said:

Randall - 
I withdrew my invitation to you manually as it was sent to you error. I apologize. Clearly it doesn't make sense to connect because we don't know each other. Again my apologies on the error.
Can you please take down my information from your website? Please confirm when you do.

I recently got another "accidental" invitation - is this a trend?

meant for a different Randall
Actually, I have been aware of another Randall Goya from New York City on LinkedIn for a while, he is an architect, and usually goes by the name "Randy" to avoid confusion.

LinkedIn Funges My Links

I replied to a request for advice about migrating a site away from the soon-to-be-discontinued iWeb service. I ticked the box to send myself a copy, and when I viewed it, the three links at the bottom were funged and two were completely broken. Huh?

[|leo://plh/http%3A*3*3www%2Edrupalgardens%2Ecom*3/KkDH ]
[ |leo://plh/http%3A*3*3wordpress%2Ecom/-iAr]
[|leo://plh/http%3A*3*3www%2Erackspace%2Ecom*3knowledge_center*3e-commerce*3cms-comparison-drupal-joomla-and-wordpress/QUKg ]

quick next/prev in message view?

Every email reader provides "next" and "prev" buttons to quickly open the next or preceding message while viewing the currently selected message, right?

no next/previous buttons in LinkedIn message pane

the invitation that won't be accepted

I was very happy to receive an invitation to connect from former client Peg Skarrow, however I am unable to accept it from my inbox, nor on her profile page: no matter how many times I accept it keeps reappearing as if it was not accepted.


decibel.places is a website address?


148 characters counted as 251

LinkedIn 148 characters counted as 251


No Connections Displayed in Forward Question or Select Experts

Question clarification resets date in list view

"2 days ago"

same question which I answered 11 days ago (but clarification added 2 days ago)

There was an unexpected problem that prevented us from completing your request

When I try to answer a question, I get an error message:

LinkedIn There was an unexpected problem that prevented us from completing your request.

This has been posted as a question, but if nobody can answer questions, that may be why there are no answers...

LI unexpected problem question

Messages on the home page does not include "Mark Read"

LinkedIn Messages on home page has no "Mark Read"

However, the actual Inbox has the feature

LinkedIn Inbox has "Mark Read"

Just Joined LinkedIn - NOT!

LinkedIn says there are new colleagues from Colorfury who just joined

Just joined LinkedIn

however, I was disappointed

LinkedIn can't find anyone

LinkedIn and SEO marked by spellcheck in compose message:

You would think that LinkedIn would not underline it's own site name or a common acronym like SEO with spellcheck!

Hey where did my tweet go? (again)

I tried updating my LinkedIn status from Twitter using the #in hashtag - #fail!


tweet lost on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Status

LinkedIn Twitter settings:

Linkedin twitter settings include tweets with #in

Shoot the copy editor - or... who wrote this?

Hey where did my tweet go?

I tried updating my status from Twitter using the #in hashtag - #fail! Tried Tweetdeck and the Twitter web site. Finally I updated on LinkedIn and the #in posted to Twitter. One way traffic!

tweet lost on LinkedIn

Hey where did my name go?

LinkedIn added a Twitter API to update the LI status. First of all, the default setting resets the status for EVERY tweet - a stupid setting IMO. The tweet created in LinkedIn with the #in hashtag does not transfer the username:



2 answers counted as 5

 1 answer counted as 3


Email notification missing a body:

should be:


Links gone wild (IE & Opera, ok in Firefox)

Hey, what happened to the Reply button?

Ok, RTL languages like Hebrew can be tricky - but here are two versions of the same text

Shanah Tovah Umetukah


LinkedIn Expertise in Web Development




These stats clearly show that I have 28 Best Answers in Web Development (the most on LinkedIn) - but immediately below, the graph shows 27 Best Answers out of 435.
















Now with 29 Best Answers, LinkedIn's stats look correct. I'm not sure if the correction came about through the update for another answer, or through my post on LinkedIn Questions about this...



  just joined LinkedIn - Brown University 3 new classmates





Here LinkedIn reports there are 3 new classmates from Brown University:


 results from Brown University - 2 new classmates



But there are actually only 2 new classmates when the link is followed









These Discussions are supposedly "Sorted By Start Date" -

so why is the one I just posted 36 minutes ago in the middle of the list?

LinkedIn Group Discussions Mis-Sort

ok, here's another - I noticed it because I know Catherine - so I clicked on the "Be first to answer" link and found 3 other answers posted - and after I posted mine and went back to my home page, it still displayed:

be the first to answer - not!


great breakdown

I have noticed many of these flaws as well. Great job on the compilation.
Let's hope the gods notice this post, they could sure use it.

Very interesting critique on one of the largest networking sites

And I have to say, your comments are spot on. Let's hope Linkedin reads this and adapts these edits. PS. Have you treid posting on