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Faith the Dog's Official Web Site

Someone forwarded some photos of Faith the Dog to me, and I made a video slideshow set to Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog" and I sent a link to Faith's family and they loved it.

Then Faith's human companion, Jude Stringfellow, sent me the hospital and USO photos, and suggested the Youngbloods song "Let's Get Together" from Forrest Gump, which resulted in the "Faith and Hope" slideshow. YouTube subsequently muted the soundtrack because it is copyrighted - so we have replaced it with music chosen from YouTube's library.

Faith the Dog has a brand new Official Web Site developed with Acquia Drupal and featuring state-of-the-art social publishing and community features. Faith also has a group on LinkedIn!

I saw Faith the Dog on Oprah, she is very cute and inspirational... she made an impression on me. You can view the original versions of these video slideshows, Faith the Dog on Oprah, and other Faith the Dog videos and photo galleries about Faith the Dog, sign Faith the Dog's Official Guest Book and more at

Faith the Dog's Official Website

Jude's son Reuben is driving a tank in Iraq right now - you can see him in the Faith and Hope slideshow - it was Reuben who brought Faith home after he saw her mother trying to smother her.

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Promotion of the "Faith and Hope" video has cost over $1000:

Faith's family does not have the resources to fund the promotion, the costs are being charged to my PayPal account.

All donations will be applied towards the advertising costs, and any excess will be sent to Operation Iraqi Children at the request of Faith's family.

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  Faith the Dog's Official Web Site