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How cool is Gist? Like TweetDeck, but different...

Know More About Who You Know ™

I'm not a "joiner" - I was dragged into Facebook (ho-hum) and Twitter (wowza!) because I needed accounts for API testing...

So I joined Gist on a whim, and right away (a while back) a post aggregated on my Gist dashboard told me that that TweetDeck had a new release with LinkedIn integration.  - w00t!

Gist sends a discreet email every few days,  and when I log in I always see something interesting. It is a contact aggregator, sort of like TweetDeck but different. If you're like me and have some issues updating Adobe AIR apps like TweetDeck, Gist is a web based app. I do not think I have explored all its possibilities of sorting updates by tags, relevance etc. But I think Gist is cool.

Gist Dashboard