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Internet Week NY 2009 - Day 5 - The Webutante Ball

Webutante BallTo celebrate Internet Week, Gawker's Jessica Amason and Richard Blakeley produced The Webutante Ball. A cocktail-formal event for both male and female - and other - WEButantes held at the swanky rooftop of the Empire Hotel.

I missed the Stolichnaya open bar because autopilot took me first to the mad46 rooftop at the Roosevelt Hotel where Tuesday's Internet Oldtimers party was held.

Dough Boy tieEventually I found my way to the Roosevelt's "Web Zone" where a swipe of my debit card unlocked the computer and I found the correct location. I logged out, grabbed my $3 minimum receipt and hopped the crosstown bus. Naturally, a charge for $20 showed up on my account (I wonder how many people check?). Customer service told me it is only an "authorization" and will not be charged - but it's a bummer to have a $20 hold applied without approval.

Talking about pricey drinks, I ordered a Jameson at the Empire bar, and got about a jigger for $12 - I thought it was a joke or a mistake, but then I saw them pouring the same miniscule amount in other plastic cups. At least when I go to Ivy Referral Network events at the Princeton Club they give me a real drink -- in a glass!
I wore my Pillsbury Dough Boy tie - I almost wore my aliens-with-Santa-hats one but it's not in season. I saw a journalist from the Daily News wearing an aliens tie - sans Santa hats.
Drew Grant and Rachel SklarI met celebutante Drew Grant from ASSME, who is enjoying a media splash after she broke new news about the Montauk Monster - she said she hopes her celebrity  lasts at least 30 minutes. Here is Drew (left) with Rachel Sklar, who is also enjoying the buzz about her upcoming book Jew-ish.
Wizard of Oz
A Gawker photographer snapped our shot - I can't remember the last time I was photographed with a smart, pretty and famous woman. However, our pic did not make it into any of the galleries - probably because, as a Web Developer, I am the ghost in the machine and the wizard behind the curtain - faceless, unknown, and omnipotent.