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Mega Millions Madness: $355 Million Up for Grabs on 01/04/2011

I'm not a regular lottery player.

In the last century, I played every week for 2 1/2 years to win $47. Tonight, I saw the Mega Millions lines and caught the fever; I bought 7 tickets, one for every person in my "family" - what would you do with $50 Million? A dollar and a dream...

The scene in Port Authority bus terminal in New York City tonight:

Mega Millions Madness 1/4/2011

Here are my tickets:

Mega Millions Tickets 1/4/2011

Drawing is 11PM - rub the screen to give me luck!

And the winning numbers are: 04 08 15 25 47 MEGABALL 42

(2 people have the winning numbers and will split the jackpot)