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lesslame nEW yEARS cassette mix tape

What's the matter? Left the party tape in the car? Oh yeah, we don't bring party tapes anymore...

Is that 10 song playlist you downloaded looking like it's going to get boring by midnight?

Don't worry, decibel.places has you covered (⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

I Stayed Up All Night to make this lesslame nEW yEARS 2015 cassette mix tape for you!

With the Stayed Up All Night App:

  • Make a retro cassette mix and play it on line
  • Choose the tape image
  • Decorate it
  • Add songs from YouTube and Soundcloud (I guess a Soundcloud mix is really Indie)
  • Share the mix as a virtual cassette tape
In the 1900s when you were serious about somebody, you made them a mix tape; You also made tapes for parties -

I reviewed some "professional" New Years Eve playlists - I discarded the lame songs, and made some new discoveries of my own. That doesn't mean I avoided the corny nor the schmaltzy - after all, it's New Years Eve.

This is actually about three 60 minute tapes - 46 songs; You could squeeze in more songs on a 90 minute or 120 minute tape, but the tape was thinner, with poorer audio quality, and damaged easily.

Click on the tape to see the song list

Real audio engineers knew that if you stopped the cassette deck between songs, you would get a pop when the recording stopped and bias current turned off in the record head; this might not make much sense to people who never used magnetic tape. If you paused the tape in record between songs, you were less likely to get a pop. And you could make really tight segues between songs...

I couldn't control the gaps between songs. And I couldn't make the tape controls more user-friendly here because the player is embedded in an <iframe> - Oh yeah, if you back up a track, it doesn't play: you have to back up two tracks, then go forward one track, it plays. You can play and bookmark my tape directly here

A cassette mix tape is different than a playlist; more care is made about the flow, and subtle clues between the songs. For example:

  • The TLC Sleigh Ride song has fake surface noise -- but the following track by Otis Redding has real surface noise from a 45 rpm record
  • Y.A.L.A. ends with the word "Karma" - and the next track is Instant Karma by John Lennon

In fact Karma is one of the themes, and so is Auld Lang Syne

I even attached the words to Auld Lang Syne, with a translation.

On the Mariah Carey version of Auld Lang Syne, she asks

♫  Does Anybody Really Know the Words?

There are a few more quotes worth sharing. I guess this mix is intended for adults only, probably. Or you can tell the kids, you get to stay up late tonight, and mommy and daddy are playing "grown up" music tonight, which is ok, because they are your elders.

♫ So This Is The New Year, I Don't Feel Any Different

♫ The DJ Plays My Song And I Feel All Right! 

♫ Christmas Is , Uh, Is A Very Emotional Time, But I Think That New Years Eve Is, Uh, Even Worse

♫ Let's Stop and Enjoy This Moment

♫ I Wish Every Night Of the Year Was New Year's Eve

♫ There's Only 1 Party In This Town

♫ You've Got To Believe In Something, Why Not Believe In Me

♫ I've Never Known A Man Could Be Heartbroken By Someone That He Never Even Knew

♫ See You Next Time That We're Talking On The Telephone

♫ I Was A Boy Scout Once, And A Brownie, Until Some Brat Got Scared

♫ All I See Are Stilettos I Guess I Never Got The Memo

♫ Why So Serious? Raise Your Glass If You're Wrong In All the Right Ways 

♫ We're Going To Ride To The Top No Lennon Or Zeppelin

(actually, there is Lennon in this mix)

♫ Crack A Bottle Of Lambri', Mix It With That Champagne, And Try New Year's Eve, The Way We Do It At A Snoop Dogg Party

♫ There's Some Freaky People In Here

♫ A Banana Pole That You're Goin Up A Yoyo

♫ I'm Running Through These Hoes Like Drano

♫ What's the Matter? Your Chicken Taste Like Pork?

♫ Every Day I'm Shufflin'

♫ Who's Shoes Are These?

♫ Well, Meanwhile, I'm Still Thinking... ♫

I included some Christmas songs, because on New Years Eve, we are still celebrating Christmas. I managed to get Joe Walsh on the tape twice. I wanted to add (Party Like It's) 1999 by Prince - but he does not allow any of his music on YouTube, if you want it you just have to buy it.

I also found out about an entirely new musical genre, at least for me:

Chipmunk Style Bollywood



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