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Use Drupal? Join the Drupal Association!

Drupal Association Membership Drive

(because there's $ in numbers)

Help Grow Drupal Association MembershipThe Drupal Association plays an important part in keeping the community healthy and in keeping up and running. However, lots of people don't know about the Association, or don't realize the extent of the work we do. With this membership campaign, we're raising awareness of the Drupal Association, raising funds for community improvement projects like Community Cultivation Grants, and giving more of the Drupal community a sense of stewardship over and our ecosystem.
We want to raise $100,000 and get 1,000 new/renewed members before December 30. We currently have 3,200 members, so this goal is pretty big. We're aiming high, but know we can make it with your help.

How you can help

Share this campaign far and wide. Post on social media, your blog, your office bulletin board, your chat room, via smoke signal, or the next time you meet other Drupalers for a meal.