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Wiped HDDs Tell No Tales - But Stickers Do

I buy used laptops on and donate them after installing Linux Mint. The HDDs are wiped. Often I also upgrade the DDRAM and I have to buy an AC power supply. Sometimes I have to replace a battery or DVD drive. The item description will tell you if the HDD or caddy are missing, or there other problems.

They average about $80 total, a pretty fair price for a laptop. My hobby is funded partly through a GoFundMe campaign: Donate Refurbished Laptops

Property Room advertises that they sell items confiscated by law enforcement officials, and that they also sell items being liquidated by government agencies, plus they have a few other partners, like estate jewelers. I once bought a Peavey guitar practice amplifier that arrived with a manila tag with a detective's name and the case number attached.

My latest laptop purchase came with some interesting stickers.

Below the keyboard:

This medium is classified SECRET U.S. Government Property

On the lid:

6207 Namon Wallace Dr, Ryan Grayson, JHamilton

So I did some detective work myself.

We know the laptop has something to do with 6207 Namon Wallace Drive in Cumming, GA, associated with Deputy Sheriff Stephen Roberson, and the property was sold in 2011 for $65K. Ryan Grayson, who started his own agency, International Specialized Investigations A18949, in the San Luis Potosi Area, Mexico shortly after the date on the laptop, may also be involved. JHamilton is possibly John Hamilton, Deputy Sheriff (retired) at Philadelphia county Sheriff's Office, from Dacula, Georgia who collected (?) it on 03/07/2013. Something about the laptop may have brought together law enforcement agents from Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania. It was held somewhere, then the HDD was wiped and it made its way to Property Room for sale last month.

Here's how I found out:

First I searched the address 6207 Namon Wallace Drive. The property is located in Cumming, GA 30028, and sold for $65K on 10/14/2011. I also found a picture of the house:

6207 Namon Wallace Drive on homesnap

A search for that address came up with the name Stephen Roberson in Cumming, GA on

A LinkedIn search for Stephen Roberson near zipcode 30028 tells us he is a Deputy Sheriff with a background in IT:

stephen roberson on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn search for Ryan Grayson and "police" tells us some interesting info, he is the owner of International Specialized Investigations A18949, in the San Luis Potosi Area, Mexico, since shortly after JHamilton processed the laptop in 2013:

Ryan Grayson on LinkedIn, International Specialized Investigations A18949

And while Ryan Grayson was with the Indian Lake Police Department, most likely the one in Texas, he left a touching note on the Officer Down Memorial Page for for Corporal Jimmie Deveril Norman, of the Bellaire Police Department, Texas:

Ryan Grayson, Officer Dowm Memorial Page

A LinkedIn Search for J Hamilton and "sheriff" finds John Hamilton, Deputy Sheriff (retired) at Philadelphia county Sheriff's Office, from Dacula, Georgia, who also has some IT skills:

John Hamilton on LinkedIn

So the story ends there, for now.

Here are details of my purchase of the laptop on Property Room, which I bought for a total of $85.57. Note that it was listed with 2GB RAM, but it came with 4GB DDRAM, which is unusual. I will have to buy an AC power supply, usually about $10 on eBay. I have not yet selected a recipient for the laptop, it should be someone who can appreciate its mysterious history. It's a nice laptop, a little large by today's standards, it will make a good desktop replacement.

HP Pavilion dv6000 on Property Room

My GoFundMe campaign: Donate Refurbished Laptops

GoFundMe: Donate Refurbished Laptops