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Woopricon - isn't that the Evil Druplicon?

I use the Wappalyzer addon for Firefox to see what applications and frameworks are being used on a web page: Drupal, jQuery, Google Analytics, Wordpress...

Tonight I happened to be viewing the CoreXchange, Inc web site where a client hosts his files, and noticed two Drupal icons (generally known as "Druplicon") - but one of them was evil and associated with Woopra, a web analytics service.

Wappalyzer icons

Although the offical Woopra logo is their name with eyes in the double O-s

Woopra logo

Their icon (which is not referred to as "Woopricon" - but it should be)

looks eerily similar to the Drupal mascot "Druplicon"

Drupal iconWoopra icon

It's also not surprising that I found a discussion about this resemblance on the offical Drupal web site, dating back a couple of years, and mentioning trademark infringement. I don't think any action was ever taken, that's not the "Open Source" way - and everybody knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

ps- try typing "druplicon" into the search box on this page ;)