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Formmail Redirect Screenshot

I didn't like the confirmation page produced by cgi - it was ugly, static, and sometimes it revealed too much sensitive info about data collection. Early on (circa 1998) most cgi scripts didn't even generate a link back to the page where the form was submitted. The user just stared at the screen, wondering what to do next - the more savvy ones found the browser back button. So I developed this little helper, triggered when the form is submitted. A little window pops up with a customizeable "thank you" message and an animated gif of a five-second countdown with numerals. The popup tells the user they will be redirected in five seconds, then the popup will close itself. That's exactly what happens, and the opening window is redirected back to the page with the form, back to the page before the page with the form, or to any url entered in the script variables. These days more servers are using php mail and provide a smoother experience when it comes to forms, but I think GeoCities still generates a static confirmation page without redirects.

Formmail Redirect Screenshot